The Best Digital Hearing Aids

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The professional staff at Advanced Hearing Technologies, Inc. wants to help you better understand what you need to look for when purchasing hearing aids. The first thing to do is schedule a hearing assessment with Advanced Hearing Technologies, Inc. We offer these for free with a video ear canal exam. Our experts are the leaders in the field of digital hearing aids in Fort Wayne, IN and beyond, and we will help you find the perfect set to have you hearing again clearly in no time.

Don’t let cost hold you back from hearing conversations, listening to music, or watching movies without subtitles. Most insurance companies work with us to help you cover the cost of your new digital hearing aids. Regardless, we want you to hear again, which is why we also host no money down and special no-interest financing to those who qualify. We have locations all over the Midwest, with our headquarters located in Fort Wayne, IN. Our team is ready to help you hear again.

How Do You Determine If You Need a Hearing Aid?

No matter how you lost your hearing or the severity of your loss, you should schedule a hearing assessment with Advanced Hearing Technologies, Inc. We offer this service for free, and we can help you determine whether or not you even need hearing aids. Our video ear canal evaluation helps us identify if your recent hearing loss is a potential blockage or buildup of ear wax. If we determine it is something else entirely leading to permanent damage, we help you find the perfect hearing aid. You shouldn’t have to miss out on memories. Our state-licensed company ensures you get the latest and best options for digital hearing aids. We have the best specialists in hearing instrument technology constructing your hearing aids. Once fitted, you will be able to understand soft-spoken conversations, concerts, and more. Don’t wait until your hearing loss gets worse, schedule your free hearing examination with us today and cherish the sounds of life around you!

Types of Hearing Aids (Behind the Ear & Inside the Ear)

Once we determine your need for hearing aids, we can also figure out which type you need to enjoy the sounds in your life again. Our options include BTE (Behind the Ear) and ITE (Inside the Ear) devices. The professionals at Advanced Hearing Technologies, Inc. will help you figure out which option works best for your fit and hearing issues. There are pros and cons to each one, and only you will be able to tell which one works best for you. Below is some more information on each hearing aid type:


behind the ear hearing aids | Advanced Hearing TechnologiesBehind the Ear:

– Longer battery life than most inside the ear models

– Large amplifiers for more severe hearing loss issues

– Generally larger than most ITE models

– Offers more natural sounds since it’s located outside the ear

– You can get these the same-day as your hearing assessment

– Five to six-year lifespan

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Inside the ear:

in-ear-products-2– You can see this device in the ear, but discreet sizes are available

– Custom sizes and fits require you to come back to the office

– Need to be cleaned regularly of earwax

– The further inside you have them fitted, the more occlusion you feel

– There is a concern of them falling out while moving frequently

– Four to five-year lifespan

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How Do Hearing Aids Work?

Hearing aid devices help you to hear better by collecting the sounds all around you and making them louder in a speaker built into the hearing device. Both BTE and ITE hearing aids use three simple components to help you regain your hearing. The microphone catches all the sounds. After they are gathered, it transports them to the amplifier, which then sends them to the ear through your speaker. Digital hearing aids can also be programmed to focus on individual sounds coming from a particular direction. If you are playing basketball, it can concentrate on your coach’s voice and help block the crowd so you will not be distracted when receiving instructions. Having our specialists create this type of hearing aid gives us the most flexibility when getting you fitted and designing them to meet your specific needs.

Choosing the Right Hearing Aid for Your Needs & Budget

Once we have helped you find which digital hearing aid is right for you, it’s time to purchase. Depending on whether you decided BTE or ITE will help determine the cost or your new hearing aid. Costs can range from $1,500 to $3,500 with most on average costing $2,300. Don’t fret though, Advanced Hearing Technologies, Inc has plenty of special financing options to help pay, and we work with most insurances. We will also work with you to create payment plans to help lessen the worry of payments. We want you to hear again and don’t want money to what holds you back from listening to your grandkids tell you about their day, hearing your favorite artists’ new album, or the rainstorm from your front porch. For more information on specific costs, visit or call us today!

Schedule Your Free Hearing Assessment in Fort Wayne, IN Area

When you are ready to get help hearing again, call Advanced Hearing Technologies, Inc. 888-973-4644 straight away for the best help or schedule your free Hearing Assessment online! Our licensed professionals will make sure you hear again in no time, helping get you fit for the perfect hearing aid. Don’t hesitate or wait until your hearing loss gets worse. All of our hearing aid devices come with a 60-day No-Obligation Trial period, so if you don’t like the fit or it’s not helping with your hearing, feel free to bring it back for a replacement. Each device also has a one-year warranty in case something happens and you need it fixed or replaced. Call Advanced Hearing Technologies, Inc. today if you have further questions about the testing, fitting, or buying process for your new digital hearing aids in Fort Wayne, IN and beyond.