Why Choose Advanced Hearing as your Digital Hearing Aids Provider?

Why not choose the best when looking for a means of improving overall hearing and understanding? The gift of hearing is one of the most precious a person has. What would life be like if you could no longer enjoy the laughter of your children or grandchildren, relax with your favorite music or television program, or share a lively conversation with friends? Why trust your hearing to a company interested more in your money and selling you a new set of digital hearing aids than your well-being? With Advanced Hearing Technologies, our focus is on your satisfaction in improving your quality of life.


Free Hearing Tests and Evaluation

digitial hearing aids provider and Free Hearing Test

Before we even begin to recommend hearing aids, we test your hearing abilities to determine if you need one at all. Our video ear canal exam will let you see what we see. All of our free hearing tests are performed by trained personnel experienced in the latest hearing technology and equipment, all at no cost or obligation to you!


 Knowledgeable and Courteous Staff

Some hearing aid companies outsource technicians, while some may be entirely comprised of salespeople with little to no experience in the hearing industry! At Advanced Hearing Technologies, we are not salespeople, but hearing specialists devoted to manufacturing the highest quality hearing devices in the country.


 Affordable and Flexible Plans

Regardless of your credit history or insurance plan, Advanced Hearing Technologies can help you devise a payment plan for your next set of digital hearing aids. We offer flexible, interest-free financing, Medicare discounts, and no money down on initial payment. In addition, add on our 60-day trial and you can not beat our prices!


 Lifetime Service Policy

Our Lifetime Service Policy is part of our commitment to excellent customer service and states that for as long as you own your hearing instruments purchased from Advanced Hearing Technologies, all in office services such as deep cleanings, restoration of microphones and speakers, replacement of battery doors, wax guards, windscreens, all re-programming and adjustments will be done free of charge. We won’t stick you with supplemental charges for every little thing, that is our guarantee.

Contact us today to learn more about how Advanced Hearing Technologies can improve your hearing and understanding with a state of the art digital hearing aids. Don’t forget to schedule an appointment for your FREE hearing test and evaluation, too.