Your hearing is precious. It allows you to cherish the sounds of life…

  • – Hearing the voice of an old friend that you have not seen in a long time
  • – Relaxing near the ocean and enjoying the gentle sounds of the waves as a truly calming experience
  • – Conversing excitedly with grandchildren and sharing special moments together

Don’t wait until your hearing problems get worse! The ear leads us to amazing moments and memories. Schedule a free hearing test today to start your journey to better hearing! Any hearing instrument we recommend comes with a 60-Day No Obligation Trial period of hearing aids, as well as a standard one-year warranty. Don’t wait until your hearing problems get worse. Let Advanced Hearing Technologies help you hear more clearly, so you can enjoy movies, parties, and even quiet conversations with your loved ones again.

Hearing Loss… Or Maybe Just Earwax?

Hearing loss is often a simple case of excessive ear wax or a simple to remove blockage of the ear canal itself. We will perform a complete video ear canal evaluation and you will be able to see inside your own ear and look at your ear drum.


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