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Advanced Hearing Technologies, Inc. is the foremost authority in the hearing aids industry, with over twenty years of experience in the use and application of digital and programmable circuits, as well as conventional prescription circuits.

Thousands of people in the Indiana and Ohio areas have enjoyed the benefits of improved hearing and understanding with our digital hearing aids, and we are proud to extend our reach to Virginia, with our new full-service lab in Virginia Beach. Wherever you are in the US, you are welcome to contact us toll-free at 1-888-973-4644 to learn more about our digital hearing aids. Click here to see all of our locations.


 Advanced Hearing Technologies offers: 

  • No-obligation, free hearing tests with a video ear canal exam, and free hearing aid cleanings and programming.About Us - hearing aids leader
  • We are the digital hearing aid price leader! Digital hearing aids starting under $500.
  • Many major insurance companies recognize hearing aids as medically necessary, paying up to 100%. Medicare cardholders can receive up to a $250 discount per hearing aid from Advanced Hearing Technologies.
  • 60-Day Trial with a No-Obligation Return Option with a Money Back Guarantee.
  • No Money Down – Interest-Free Financing Available
  • Video Hearing Exams, hearing aid cleanings, and hearing aid programming.
  • Already own hearing aids? DON’T BUY ANY MORE HEARING AIDS. In many cases, we can increase the performance of your existing hearing aid by 60-80%. This is a free offer extended to all current hearing aid users. CLICK HERE to learn more.


We are committed to providing the highest quality products and services in the industry. We use the most sophisticated equipment available and employ highly-trained, certified personnel to manufacture hearing aids in all of our laboratories. Our hearing specialists are required to spend a minimum of 40 hours a year acquiring education on the use of the newest technologies.


By measuring the type and degree of hearing loss, we will recommend the most appropriate digital aid for you so you can enjoy the maximum benefits of hearing improvement. We provide custom-fit hearing equipment at affordable prices; regardless of your insurance plan or credit status, Advanced Hearing Technologies, Inc. will work with you to devise a payment plan for your next hearing aid. We can do this because Advanced Hearing does not exercise its buying power with just one manufacturer. Because of the large volume of hearing products produced by our multiple locations, we are able to negotiate special pricing with several manufacturers. This allows us to offer our clients the exact hearing appliance they need at the best price, no matter who makes it.


We welcome you to contact us today to schedule a FREE hearing test and evaluation, and to learn more about our hearing aid products. Call 1- 888-973-4644 to schedule an exam, and explore our website for information on the latest hearing aid models and technology. Click here to contact us by email.