Hearing Aid Referral Program

Know a friend who has been thinking about having their hearing tested or that may have hearing loss? Our Hearing Aid Referral Program allows you to earn money when you refer friends and they purchase a set of hearing aids from us. As you can see, it can go on and on and on. One referral from you can bring you lots of money. Word of mouth travels fast, when customers are treated right!


Know Someone? Refer Them!

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We respect your privacy and take protecting it seriously. We do not provide information to any third parties.


An example of how our referral program can pay big:

“One of our customers, Mrs. Jones, referred her preacher from Brownsburg, IN. (you may know who we are talking about). The preacher referred many of his congregation, who in return referred friends and family to Advanced Hearing Technologies, Inc. The net result were many thousands of referral fees paid to Mrs. Jones, the preacher and many of those after.”

Contact Advanced Hearing Technologies today to at 1-888-973-4644 to inquire about our referral program!