17 July 2014,

Seven Reasons You Hear Better with Two Ears

The power of binaural hearing: “bi” stands for two; and “aural” for the ears. As we may have been accustom to throughout our lives, we have experienced the power and wonder of the capabilities of human hearing. We hear with both accuracy and versatility, and our advanced hearing mechanisms provide us the ability to perceive space, depth, and adjust for balance.

The transformation of sound into hearing takes place in the brain. However, the brain depends on reliable and accurate information from your ears in order to understand the sounds and around you. For this reason, it is important to consult your hearing aid specialist on the difference of binaural hearing or wearing two hearing aids.

Reason #1: Volume

Wearing two hearing aids may reduce the total power needed. Ears work in tandem in order to receive sounds from both left and right sides, but also all around you. If two hearing aids are needed, less power may be required to achieve a comfortable, lower volume level. As a result, the power of two hearing aids working in tandem creates greater power efficiency if your hearing test indicates sufficient loss for left and right ear hearing aids. Moreover, hearing aid technology has constantly improved to adjust for power and volume in order to equalize excessive amplification and reduce noise. Our hearing aids achieve this balance in order to match your specific hearing loss and provide the utmost hearing comfort and improved listening and understanding in your everyday life.

Reason #2: Stereo Listening

Stereo versus mono. We can think of the fidelity of early Beatles’ records that were recorded on a mono process. But, take a step back and remember the re-release of their stereophonic albums and the increased fidelity that having stereo provided. Mono sounds to the listener shallow, flat, and unnatural. Stereo delivers sound as natural and high fidelity as it can be and by doing this, clarity is improved. If your hearing test indicates the appropriate level…

Reason #3: Sound Direction

Understanding where sounds originate from and understanding locations of them is important to both comprehension and possibly safety in our lives. Often times, if we experience hearing loss in one ear we may struggle to detect where sounds are originating from. We may routinely say “where is that sound coming from?” when we hear someone else speak. For example, if we are walking down the road near a busy intersection and hear cars honking or screeching we may have trouble locating the direction of those sounds. For that reason, binaural hearing may give us a better sense of location and direction by pinpointing sounds more exactly.

Reason #4: Good Manners

In everyday conversation, we engage in a back and forth with our friends or family as both speakers and listeners. The ability to hear effectively from both the left and right ear is important when considering conversations and the ability to engage with others. With improved binaural hearing, others may notice our good manners when responding to their questions attentively.

Reason #5: Auditory Intelligence

Like vision, your brain collects, assembles, and transmits information from both hemispheres. It works in harmony as a system that is divided between different sides. It assembles an auditory image of what it receives from the ears in a similar way as vision. Just as your eyes receive information from left and right, your brain will produce a similar acoustic image it receives from your ears. Auditory intelligence defines the complicated mechanism of processing sounds. Therefore, the quality of our binaural hearing is a key factor to auditory intelligence.

Reason #6: Clarity & Noise

When in noisy environments and atmospheres, the ability to decipher from both the left and ride ear may help filter out unnecessary information or noise. Whether it is at a crowded restaurant, business setting, or with a group of others in conversation, binaural hearing is a benefit for us.

Reason #7: Quality of Life

Experienced hearing aid users who have worn one hearing aid or two at a time might notice a difference of hearing clarity from wearing two. The quality of life received from better hearing and understanding from binaural hearing might be of help for those special times with grandchildren and family, or other important family events where conversation and hearing are key factors.

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