How Hearing Aids Work


We use this above diagram to illustrate how hearing aids work. It may look complicated to the untrained eye, but to our top-notch team of hearing specialists this is the foundation on which all of our digital hearing instruments are created. Nowhere will you find a more advanced technology available in hearing than with a digital aid from Advanced Hearing Technologies, Inc.

All of our hearing aids, from the ear-hugging BTE to the very tiny CIC model, contain a chip that is programmed by a computer. This offers the best way currently available to match a person’s hearing and understanding loss with the most prescriptive amplification needed. Complete flexibility and amazing fine-tuning capability are among the many benefits of owning such a hearing aid.

This is the most advanced technology that allows the most precise prescriptive fitting of hearing aids available today. Advanced Hearing Technologies, Inc. is proud to be at the forefront of this technology. Contact us today at 1-888-333-5744 to learn more about how hearing aids work and to schedule a FREE hearing test and evaluation. This unique digital hearing technology separates the incoming sound into bands and channels, then processes each band and channel independently. The class of hearing instrument we manufacture utilizes separate circuit paths to independently process different frequency regions of sound.

how hearing aids work