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Tips for Hearing Aid Batteries

Each year, thousands of people in the United States suffering some degree of hearing loss, be it a mild inability to understand conversations to experiencing near silences. Many people use digital hearing aids to enhance their ear’s ability to hear sound, and with these devices comes the responsibility of making sure they work. Often, this means using good hearing aid batteries and making certain they work. For people who wear hearing aids, it may be an inconvenience to constantly replace batteries. However, if you know what to do to keep your batteries working and useful, you can ensure a long working range for your hearing aid. Here are just a few tips to help your hearing at high quality.


hearing aid batteries

Keep battery tabs on when not in use, especially if you use zinc-air batteries. Removing the tab causes the oxygen in the air to contact the zinc, triggering the battery. Leaving the tab off an unused battery can deplete it.

Always carry extra hearing aid batteries. On average, the typical hearing aid batteries last approximately two weeks. The smaller the battery, the less power it contains. Therefore, if you travel often or are away from home for long periods, it is recommended to always keep hearing aid batteries handy so you can replace as needed. Keep the batteries in a case or their packaging, as loose batteries in a pocket or coin purse can be shorted out or depleted when in contact with metal objects. Store at room temperature and try to keep batteries out of hot areas, like the dashboard of a car. Prevent moisture buildup in your hearing aid If you take out your hearing aid at night, it is recommended to ventilate the battery compartment so no moisture fills the space and causes damage. As always, when there are pets and young children around, make sure any loose batteries are kept out of reach. Discard old batteries immediately, or contact your hearing aid specialist for information on battery recycling. Remembering these few tips can help make your hearing easier and more enjoyable.