Free Hearing Test from Advanced Hearing Technologies, Inc.

Advanced Hearing Technologies, Inc. is proud to offer free hearing tests and evaluations by our experienced hearing specialists to anyone experiencing hearing loss and understanding problems. When you contact us toll-free at 1-888-973-4644, we will arrange for the proper tests to determine if you need a digital hearing aid to improve everyday understanding of speech and sound.


  • A complete audiometric evaluation by one of our Hearing Specialists that is State Board Certified and not compensated by commissions.
  • To understand how to read an audiogram/hearing chart.
  • The understanding of how normal ears and hearing work.
  • A complete understanding of how your ears are working compared to a normal hearing ear.
  • Our Hearing Specialists will explain how to correct your hearing loss, if one is found.
  • The knowledge of how different hearing aids work.
  • Complete understanding of which hearing aids will work best for your hearing loss and your lifestyle.
  • Advanced Hearing offers a NO obligation trial period which allows you to decide if hearing aids are working properly for you.
  • FREE otoscopic exam (determine if you have a wax blockage, see for yourself)
  • FREE hearing exam
  • FREE evaluation of your hearing aids with prescription analyzer
  • FREE professional deep cleaning of your existing hearing aids
  • FREE retubing of BTE hearing aids

Hearing tests are FREE OF CHARGE and by appointment only. You are under no obligation to purchase any of our products when you schedule a hearing exam with Advanced Hearing Technologies, Inc.