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As of January 1st, 2013, your BC/BS benefits have been reset!

Blue Cross Blue Shield hearing aidsFederal BC/BS members are eligible for new hearing aids with no money out of pocket. The 100% digital, fully-programmable “SHINE” circuit is our standard “NO FEE, NO COST” hearing aid circuit. Advanced Hearing Technologies is a Blue Cross Blue Shield hearing aid provider.

Optima Health Insurance Coverage

Optima Health Insurance

Update: As of January 1st, 2015, all Federal Retirees who have or had Optima Health Insurance were switched to Federal BlueCross / BlueShield.

You now qualify for a pair of free hearing aids with NO MONEY OUT OF POCKET!



actnow3ACT NOW! And for this month and next month ONLY, you will qualify for an upgrade!

For this special offer, we have negotiated a factory-authorized upgrade to the industry’s NEXT GENERATION D-5 platform technology – the “Shine II” circuit. This HIGHLY ADVANCED circuit offers increased sound processing speeds for enhanced clarity and fidelity never before heard in similar hearing aid circuits.


Directional microphone programming allows you to hear the sounds in the direction you are facing, eliminating noise from all other directions and is perfect for noisy

environments. It also includes an anti-feedback algorithm, eliminating most, if not all, embarrassing squealing noises associated with other hearing aids. The “Shine II” circuit has three different settings which can be set up for optimal hearing in multiple listening environments. It includes a fully automatic telephone system that eliminates the need to locate hard-to-find buttons and switches. Just put the phone to your ear and it automatically switches to the telephone mode. The optional remote control fits in your pocket and allows you to discreetly change the environmental programs and adjust the volume with the push of a button.

4,600 Federal Blue Cross Blue Shield Hearing Aids Provided To Date!